MEC.AM manufactures and markets gears: cylindrical, B helical from module 0.5 to module 45, dimensions up to 4 m., Gleason and Klingelenber bevel gears from module 2 to module 12 with a maximum width of 125mm and a diameter of up to 800mm rectified or lapped, straight tooth bevel gears. Special epicicloidal gearboxes or parallel axles gearboxes.

In addition to the production / sale of individual mechanical products, we have developed over time the assembly department, where we assemble machinery follow the customer's drawing and guidelines. All of this, to respond more and more to the needs of our Customers who, prefer have only one interlocutor, who manages their products from start to finish.

The sectors where we work, are: oil sector, wind turbines sector , photovoltaic sector , mechanical sector ( production of components for machine tools, spindle and pliers, rotary tables ), naval sector, automotive sector, earth moving sector , industry machineries, wood sector , ceramic sector, industry machineries of food sector. We are increasingly present in sheet metal processing and heavy duty carpentry.