Parallel-shaft gear-motor / helical / hollow-shaft / for the food industry (YP Series)

Product Detail

Type Torque (Max) Shaft Diameter
YP 52-53 200 Nm Ø 30
YP 62-63 400 Nm Ø 35
YP 72-73-74 820 Nm Ø 40
YP 82-83-84 1500 Nm Ø 50
YP 92-93-94 3000 Nm Ø 60
YP 102-103-104 4300 Nm Ø 70
YP 122-123-124 7800 Nm Ø 90
YP 142-143-144 13000 Nm Ø 110
YP 152-153-154 18000 Nm Ø 120
Speed range
2,4 rpm…391 rpm
Applicable motor power
Min.: 0.12 kW (0.16 hp)
Max.: 200 kW (268.2 hp
Shaft orientation
parallel shaft
Other characteristics
For the food industry, for pharmaceutical applications, industrial, for mixers, for the chemical industry, for hygienic applications, for the packaging industry, for hostile environments, industrial door
The parallel helical shaft gear units YP series remain the optimal solution for complex and space limited applications. The fully reversible design of the gearbox offers a large range of mounting positions. The gears combinations allow high loads and the options for low output speed makes it the ideal solution for a very large range of applications.  Product advantages: easy installation, large range of mounting combination, high loads tolerance, multi stage options for low output speed, quiet operation, easy clean up 
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