Orthogonal gear-motor / bevel (IRK Series)

Product Detail

Type Torque (Max) Shaft Diameter
IRK 63 400 Nm Ø 35
IRK 73-74 780 Nm  Ø 40
IRK 83-84 1330 Nm Ø 50
IRK 93-94 2572 Nm Ø 60
IRK 103-104 4010 Nm Ø 70
IRK 123-124 8000 Nm Ø 90
IRK 142-143-144 13000 Nm Ø 110
IRK 153-154 18000 Nm Ø 120
Speed range
0,17 rpm…214 rpm
Applicable motor power
Min.: 0.12 kW (0.16 hp)
Max.: 90 kW (120.69 hp)
Shaft orientation
Designed to last, the helical bevel gear units IRK series are perfectly adapted for applications in need of high efficiency gearboxes. The gear design also offers a quiet operation of this unit. These advantages offer to you the guarantee of a noise free and low maintenance gearbox. Product advantages: high efficiency, compact space saving design, quiet operation, long time lasting products, low maintenance, large range of ratio and high service factors
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